02 April 2021

April Birthdays

Well, I wanted to get this posted yesterday but I missed my deadline.  My mamma taught me that ladies go first; so I’ll start off this list with Wifey’s family.  And as always, no living folks are mentioned for obvious reasons.

1 - Francis Younge Porcher, M.D.  – 1789

                This is my wife's third great grandfather you would probably recognize the name from that Revolutionary War movie with Mel Gibson.  I don't know, I didn't see it, but this family does feature in that movie.

6 - George Elliot Cuthbert – 1858 and Mary Elizabeth Olphia Keith – 1862. 

George is wifey's great Grandfather and Mary Elizabeth is her great grandmother.  George is also the grandson of the good doctor Porcher who's listed just above.  Both of these ancestors are on her mother's side.

 13 - Mercia Louisa White – 1817.  

Another of wifey's maternal third great grandmother.

 21 - Lucius Nathan Moore – 1894. 

This is her paternal grandfather, her dad's dad.

 27 - Edgar Elijah Mosley Greene – 1861. 

I just love this gentleman's names they are just beautiful, and he is a great grandfather on the maternal side.

 30 - Thomas Castallaw Barfield – 1805.

Yet again here is a maternal third great grandfather.  That interesting middle name is his paternal grandmother's maiden name.


Now we'll move on to the very few on my proven tree.

 7 - Emanuel Jacobus Gunsalus – 1754.

                Emmanuel here is one of my paternal 4th great grandfathers.  Two things of interest with this gentleman one is the spelling of his last name.  I must have seven different spellings of Gunsalus.  Another interesting thing is that his daughter Elizabeth married her first cousin John Wesley who is the son of Emmanuel's brother Richard.  It makes trying to trace this tree just a tad difficult.

12 - Mary "Polly" Hancock – 1826.

                This is another one that's difficult to trace on the tree simply because of her first name Mary.  She is a paternal second great grandmother for me.

24 - James Tully Dozier – 1786.

                This is one of my favorite names.  The only reason is his middle name of Tully.  It comes from his paternal great grandmother Jane Tully.  But for me it's what we call one of my favorite Irish whiskeys.  That whiskey is Tullamore Dew and we nicknamed it Tully.  So, I kinda like that connection.  Not to mention that there are I believe 5 gentlemen named James Tully Dozier in this family.  Luckily only this one is my direct ancestor.

Let's finish this up with the ancestors I cannot prove but hope to be somewhere in my direct line.

6 - Elizabeth Segrym – 1610.

                This lady would be the oldest on my list and would be a 9th paternal great grandmother for me.

23 - Jan Broersen Decker – 1630.

                This is one of those very hypothetical connections.  If this gentleman is indeed my 8th great grandfather on my father's side, then he was born in Germany but died in the New York colony in 1702.

24 - Ann Henstridge – 1704.

                From England, Kent.  She would be a 6th great paternal grandmother for me.

27 - Ann Bagley – 1634.

                Another possible paternal 8th great grandmother she would been born in Staffordshire, England.

29 - Sarah Barron – 1782.

                This is a connection I have very strong doubts about.  I have seen her name listed as Barron and, Brown and a couple others. Whether or not this is true; I really don't think so.  But if it's true she would be a paternal 4th great grandmother in my direct Campbell line.  I should also say that this couple (John Campbell & Sarah) are a brick wall.

Have any April birthdays in your family?


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05 March 2021

March Birthdays

 March would seem to be a very busy month in my family for births.  Which makes me wonder just what April and May holds to cause this many births.  Maybe it’s the old “April showers bring may flowers”?  I can only imagine. 

I hope this to be a new monthly series featuring the births for each month.  If I can keep it up for a year, I’m not sure what to feature to keep this going.  A monthly death chart doesn’t seem all that worthy.  In fact, I may just combine births and deaths in a single monthly post.  Maybe that’s too morbid.  In any case, I am only listing ancestors in these posts, no living people will be listed for privacy.

I’ll start this off with the births in my wife’s family.  There are only two for March.
First is her maternal grandfather, Edgar Mosley Greene, Sr.  he was born 13 March 1883 in Geneva, Alabama.  He died 17 Jun 1963 in Dade County, Florida.  Wifey never met him, as he died before she was born.  This is a picture of Edgar and his wife, Elouise Cuthbert, and their children and grandchildren.  

The Greene Family
Edgar, Sr. and Elouise are seated center

Next, we have wifey’s 2x great grandmother, Sarah Julia Pelot.  She was born 28 March 1793 in Beaufort County, South Carolina and died 25 Nov 1847 in Greenville, South Carolina.  She was married to Dr. Francis Younge Porcher.  Their daughter Caroline married William Cuthbert, whence comes Elouise, wife of Edgar Sr.

From my family, there are many know ancestors and several that I’m not quite ready to say that they are indeed in my family tree just yet.  I still have to do lots of research to prove or disprove their relationships.  But I will include them as well for completeness. First, my known ancestors.

On the second of March, a paternal 4x great grandfather Richard Derrick “Dirk” Gunsalus.  He was born 2 March 1756 in Minisink, Orange County, New York.  I have conflicting sources which call this part of British Colonial America or New Amsterdam.  In either case, it was NOT the USA.  He died 15 March 1838 in Howard, Centre County, Pennsylvania.
On 6 March 1811 Martha Collins was born.  She is a 3x maternal great grandmother.  She was born in Marion, South Carolina and died there 25 Feb 1892.

I’m going to go out of date order here for a bit, since there is really neat occurrence later in the month.

That takes me to Martha Flowers, a 4x great grandmother on my mother’s side.  She was born and died in Marion, South Carolina, like so many of my mother’s family.  Her dates are 14 March 1790 – 22 June 1872.

Also on the 14th, is a 3x maternal great grandmother, Sarah Jane Rowell, 14 March 1818 – 14 Feb 1891.

Then for the 15th we have Ann Elizabeth McCauley, a paternal 2x great grandmother, who married James Campbell my constant genealogical brick wall.  She was born 15 March 1831 in Pennsylvania.  I do not have a death date for her, but I cannot find her after 2 June 1890 in any records.

Jumping back to my mother’s side we find my great grandmother, Julia V. “Jewel” Sawyer.  I know this is the correct person as my mother remembers her and gave me the name.  Plus I have her son, my maternal grandfather, Talmage Whitaker Hicks’ death certificate with “Jewel Sawyer” as his mother.  The question is do I have the correct Julia Sawyer?  I have written two posts about her already (Part One, Part Two), and I feel confident that I have her dates, 16 March 1871, Marion, South Carolina, - 1 February 1963, Dillon County, South Carolina, correct.  But my two elder siblings don’t think that the death date is correct.  They don’t remember ever hearing about her death and if it was in 1963, they would probably remember it.

A 5x paternal great grandmother was born 26 March 1735 in Kingston, Ulster, New York.  Her name was Sarah Westbrook (Wesstbroek in the original Dutch).  She married Jacobus Gonsalus (also spelled Gunsallus, Gonsalis, Consules, Gonzalez, etc..) 28 January 1753 in the Minisink Reformed Dutch Church, Schaghticoke, Rensselear, New York, and passed away about 1787 probably in Pennsylvania.

Church Record for Gunsallus - Westbrook Marriage
Church Record for Gunsallus - Westbrook Marriage

Now on to the “great convergence”.  I will list the names and dates first, then tell you why I think this is so cool.

•    Elizabeth Eve Chapman, 10 March 1860 – 4 April 1941.
•    Samuel W. Campbell, 26 March 1861 – 8 February 1924
•    Josephine Melinda “Josie” Bodle, 27 March 1885 – 21 July 1975.
•    Donald Sherwood Campbell, 28 March 1912 – 19 February 1985.
•    Herbert J. Campbell, 31 March 1884 – 5 February 1919.

Here’s my relationships, Elizabeth is my great grandmother.  Samuel my great grandfather.  Josie is the daughter of Elizabeth, so my grandmother.  Herbert is the son of Samuel and the husband of Josie, so my grandfather.  Finally, Donald is my father and the son of Josie and Herbert.

Elizabeth Eve Chapman
Elizabeth Eve Chapman

Samuel W. Campbell on the porch swing
Samuel W. Campbell on the porch swing

Herbert J. Campbell, age 21, c. 1905
Herbert J. Campbell, age 21, c. 1905

Josie Bodle, unknown date
Josie Bodle, unknown date 

Don Campbell, unknown year
Don Campbell, unknown year

That shows five family birthdays in the space of 21 days.  I can only imagine the celebrations for the seven short years when all five were alive (1912 – 1918).  I wonder which day they picked to get together.  They were all born and lived in and around Centre County, Pennsylvania.  

I only knew two on that list, my father, Donald, and his mother Josie.  There are many posts about Nanny as we called her.  But knowing Nanny, I would say that if she had the choice, they celebrated on Don’s birthday.  I sure do wish I could have attended a gathering with these folks.

I have six people on my “Research Lists” that have birth days in March.

1st – Olive Ann Gregorie, a 9X great grandmother, 1 Mar 1611/12 – 2 Sep 1684.  This would make her the oldest on the list at 409 years young!
2nd – Coenradt Ten Eyck, 9th great grandfather, 2 Mar 1616/17 – 5 Apr 1687.
6th – John Willis, 7x great grandfather, 6 Mar 1668/69 – before 16 Aug 1745.
7th – Daniel Doane, Jr., 7x great grandfather, 7 Mar 1665/66 – 1 Nov 1743.
8th – Mehetable Twining, 7x grandmother, 8 Mar 1600/61 – 1719.
18th – Jacob Matthys Ten Eyck, 8th great grandfather, and son of Coenradt above, 18 Mar 1657/58 – 6 Jul 1741.

As I mentioned these are “possible” ancestors.  I found these and others, listed in various family trees and hints on several websites and books.  I don’t have enough, or in some cases any, solid evidence to add them to the “confirmed” or even “most likely” ancestor trees.  That will happen in time.


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11 February 2021

More Fun With Pictures

My faithful readers have seen several posts already about Nanny’s photo album.  Here and here.  It has taken me quite some time, but I have finally scanned all of the images in that album.  There were some surprises in there and there were some that I knew were already there that were important, but it was very interesting to see this picture of my father at 16.  Now my dad was a personality all unto himself.  This photo was taken about 1928 as Nanny annotated it that dad was 16 years old.  Personally, I think he's trying to look like whatever passed for cool in 1928.  But I do wonder what's in that pipe he's holding in his right hand.

Don at 16
Dad at 16

There are many pictures of my dad growing up in this collection.  I will put a couple of them below just to give you an idea of what it was like growing up in central Pennsylvania in the mid-1920s.  Dad was raised by his mother since his father died during the flu pandemic in 1919 so it was a probably a rather tough life.  

Don at 1
Don 1 year old

Don at 2
Don 2 years old

Don at 4
Done 4 years old

Don at 6
Don 6 years old

Don at 10
Don 10 years old

Don in a tub, unknown age
Don in a tub, unknown age

Don unknown age
Don, unknown age


Nanny was a fabulous cook as I've mentioned before.  She had her own restaurant but that was not until the mid 1920's through 1940 or so.  There would be several other kitchens that she worked at including one on Penn State University which was operated by the Quakers and also at an engineering project for Penn State University and the Bay Harbor Hotel on Miami Beach much later. Here are some pictures of Nanny’s various kitchens.

Friends Union in State College PA
The back of this picture says "This is where the cookies come from"

The kitchen in the Friend's Union
The kitchen in the Friend's Union, Nanny is 2nd from the right
Nanny and Don outside of the BBQ
Nanny and Don outside of the BBQ, 1925

Now this picture has me asking several questions, first is this the rear of Nanny’s restaurant, and second who the gentleman with her is.  I believe this is the rear of the restaurant called, Mrs. Campbell's Barbecue, because of the roof peak and the lighting.  These two pictures show what I mean.
Nanny outside the rear of the BBQ
Nanny outside the rear of the BBQ, 1925 

Front of the BBQ.
Front of the BBQ.  Notice the roof peak and lights.


Nanny with the unknown gentleman
Nanny with the unknown gentleman, undated. Compare the roof line and lighting with the above pictures.

The gentleman I think, and my brother and elder sister agrees with me, although my eldest sister does not, is Ralph Trent.  He was living next door to Nanny in the 1930 census and was a border in the 1940 census in her house.  And we know he was a was a longtime companion of hers.  I was introduced to him but only as an infant, so I don't remember him at all.  This is a picture of “Uncle” Trent as we called him holding me as an infant with my siblings sitting there as well.  Let me know if you think it's the same gentleman in both pictures.

Trent and the Campbell kids.
Trent and the Campbell kids, 1959

Now here's another interesting set of pictures.  In my other post I put this first picture up of Nanny in a car with an unknown gentleman who is appearing to drive the car and they both are laughing.  Here is another picture of Nanny with the same gentleman in maybe the same car.  I can't tell, but you'll notice there is no windscreen on this car as the gentleman has his feet through it.  So now I'm wondering who this guy is.  It's quite possible that this is one of her brothers she had several and it is a big family, but I have not been able to identify this man at all.  Maybe one of the Bodle cousins will happen to stumble upon this and can identify this gentleman for me.  That would be most wonderful.   I've put both pictures below so that you can check that it is the same gentleman.  For what it's worth, I do not believe that this is the same person in the picture above behind the restaurant.  It's hard to tell because there's not enough features of the men to identify.  If only the gentleman in the picture at the restaurant would have smiled, then those teeth would have been a dead giveaway.   If anyone can identify the make and year of the car in these pictures, I would greatly appreciate it.

Nanny and gentlemen in the car.
Nanny and gentlemen in the car.  His feet are through where the windscreen should be.

Same couple as above?
Same couple as above?

Here are a few more pictures of my father with various people that I cannot identify as well.  Here's hoping that a family member notices these and says oh that's so and so!

Don and unknown girl.
Don and unknown girl, age 2

Don and unknown boy.
Don and unknown boy, age 9

Don and unknown kids.
Don and unknown kids, age unknown

One thing that I cannot find in all the family pictures that I have is a picture of my dad with his dad or with both his mom and dad.  I do have pictures of dad in nanny together but no pictures at all of Herbert, his father, with either nanny or dad.  And that is sad.

Inside Nanny's BBQ
Inside Nanny's BBQ


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P.S. Now I have to scan my mother's album.  There will be many folks I won't be able to identify, and sadly, no one is around to help anymore.