02 April 2021

April Birthdays

Well, I wanted to get this posted yesterday but I missed my deadline.  My mamma taught me that ladies go first; so I’ll start off this list with Wifey’s family.  And as always, no living folks are mentioned for obvious reasons.

1 - Francis Younge Porcher, M.D.  – 1789

                This is my wife's third great grandfather you would probably recognize the name from that Revolutionary War movie with Mel Gibson.  I don't know, I didn't see it, but this family does feature in that movie.

6 - George Elliot Cuthbert – 1858 and Mary Elizabeth Olphia Keith – 1862. 

George is wifey's great Grandfather and Mary Elizabeth is her great grandmother.  George is also the grandson of the good doctor Porcher who's listed just above.  Both of these ancestors are on her mother's side.

 13 - Mercia Louisa White – 1817.  

Another of wifey's maternal third great grandmother.

 21 - Lucius Nathan Moore – 1894. 

This is her paternal grandfather, her dad's dad.

 27 - Edgar Elijah Mosley Greene – 1861. 

I just love this gentleman's names they are just beautiful, and he is a great grandfather on the maternal side.

 30 - Thomas Castallaw Barfield – 1805.

Yet again here is a maternal third great grandfather.  That interesting middle name is his paternal grandmother's maiden name.


Now we'll move on to the very few on my proven tree.

 7 - Emanuel Jacobus Gunsalus – 1754.

                Emmanuel here is one of my paternal 4th great grandfathers.  Two things of interest with this gentleman one is the spelling of his last name.  I must have seven different spellings of Gunsalus.  Another interesting thing is that his daughter Elizabeth married her first cousin John Wesley who is the son of Emmanuel's brother Richard.  It makes trying to trace this tree just a tad difficult.

12 - Mary "Polly" Hancock – 1826.

                This is another one that's difficult to trace on the tree simply because of her first name Mary.  She is a paternal second great grandmother for me.

24 - James Tully Dozier – 1786.

                This is one of my favorite names.  The only reason is his middle name of Tully.  It comes from his paternal great grandmother Jane Tully.  But for me it's what we call one of my favorite Irish whiskeys.  That whiskey is Tullamore Dew and we nicknamed it Tully.  So, I kinda like that connection.  Not to mention that there are I believe 5 gentlemen named James Tully Dozier in this family.  Luckily only this one is my direct ancestor.

Let's finish this up with the ancestors I cannot prove but hope to be somewhere in my direct line.

6 - Elizabeth Segrym – 1610.

                This lady would be the oldest on my list and would be a 9th paternal great grandmother for me.

23 - Jan Broersen Decker – 1630.

                This is one of those very hypothetical connections.  If this gentleman is indeed my 8th great grandfather on my father's side, then he was born in Germany but died in the New York colony in 1702.

24 - Ann Henstridge – 1704.

                From England, Kent.  She would be a 6th great paternal grandmother for me.

27 - Ann Bagley – 1634.

                Another possible paternal 8th great grandmother she would been born in Staffordshire, England.

29 - Sarah Barron – 1782.

                This is a connection I have very strong doubts about.  I have seen her name listed as Barron and, Brown and a couple others. Whether or not this is true; I really don't think so.  But if it's true she would be a paternal 4th great grandmother in my direct Campbell line.  I should also say that this couple (John Campbell & Sarah) are a brick wall.

Have any April birthdays in your family?


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