09 October 2020

A Possible Ancestor!

 I use a number of websites for genealogy and/or DNA matches.  My first DNA test was with Family Tree DNA back in 2008.  That was a simple 37 marker Y-DNA test.  I didn’t get many results, but then I didn’t expect to either.  Later I took FTDNA’s Family Finder test.  This is the same basic test that Ancestry, My Heritage, and 23andMe do.  The Family Finder test is one that both male and females can take.  Generally, it’s helpful in finding ancestors back about 5 generations or so.  With any luck, you will find a cousin that has documentation that helps you find ancestors you don’t have.  And that’s what happened to me.

Up until last week I only had confirmation of a 3rd great grandfather on my mother’s side.  I knew his name was Joseph Turbeville and his wife’s name was Eliza.  I found them in the 1850 census record right where I expected them to be, in Marion County, South Carolina.  I didn’t know Eliza’s maiden name.  I had a good idea of her family, but I couldn’t confirm anything.

Then early this week I found a 5th cousin one removed (5C1R).  Please don’t ask me to explain the “once removed” aspect.  I still get very confused when trying to figure it out myself.  But, if I have it right, he is a 5th cousin one generation different than I.  So, while this gentleman was born in 1947, he is one generation closer to our most recent common ancestor (MCRA).  He is about the same age as my eldest sibling.

I found this DNA match on FTDNA.  And let me tell you, the family tree part of the FTDNA website just plain sucks.  It’s damn near impossible to edit your tree.  It does accept a GEDCOM file, but if you replace your current tree, then all of the DNA matches you have marked on your tree are gone.  I understand why that happens, but they had a better editor it wouldn’t be so bad.

But, as usual, I digress. 

Following my new cousin’s line in his tree I was able to find our MCRA is my 5th great grandfather, Absalom Turbeville and his wife, Lucy White.  Absalom was killed at the battle of Lorick’sFerry, South Carolina during the American Revolution, 1 May 1782.

My line goes through Absalom & Lucy’s son Solomon Turbeville and his wife Molcy Johnson.  The cousin’s line goes through Solomon’s brother, William Turbeville and his wife Mary Johnson.  I wonder if the two wives are related in any way.  That is one of the many things on my to-do list for this new line.

I do have all the family from Absalom and Lucy and older marked as unverified.  Along with this new cousin, I have found many more cousins that can call Absalom and Lucy as ancestors.  This gives me a high level of confidence in this couple at least.  The documentation is sparce this far back hence the unverified tag.  Admittingly I’m not using a true genealogical standard of proof for most of my tree, only my direct line needs a higher level of proof.  But I won’t call something as confirmed or verified without at least two source records.  This is the main reason that the majority of folks that have Absalom and Lucy as ancestors are not on my tree yet. 

My 5th great uncle, John, son of Absalom and Lucy had quite a few descendants. Unfortunately, I have been unable to tie any of his children to him with documentation.  All the matches in Ancestry’s ThruLines have no documentation other than other public family trees.  I learned the hard way not to blindly accept other trees without proofs.  There isn’t much worse as an amateur genealogist than to follow a lead only to find that who you had as some great-great-great ancestor you accepted because a cousin said it was true, turns out to be wrong when you find records that have an entirely different person there.  I have had to wipe my tree out and start all over more than once before I learned my lesson. 

As you can see on the tree below, this discovery goes back to my (hopefully) 9th great grandfather, John Turbyfield and his wife Sara Pinney. Are they truly my ancestors?  I don’t know.  I still have Absalom and Lucy tagged as unverified, so going back four more generations is a big gamble.  But you must start somewhere.  I will continue this search along with all the other ancestors I’m looking for.  (Who is James Campbell’s father???)

SVG Family Tree TreeTurbeville
Generated by Parallax View's SVG Family-Tree Generator V5.3.3. See https://parallax-viewpoint.blogspot.com/2018/09/svg-family-tree-generator-v50.html Married in 1896 in , of Marion, South Carolina, USA. Married in 1915 in , Marion, South Carolina. Married on Thursday February 7, 1946 in Rockville, Montgomery, Maryland, USA. Born in 1618 in England, UK. John Turbyfield (1618–) Born in 1597 in Evercreech, Somerset, England. Sara Pinney (1597–) Born in 1649. Died before June, 1688 in Charles City County, Virginia, USA. John Turbeville (1649-c1688) Susanna Daux (?–) Born in about 1670. Died on Tuesday December 4, 1725 in Occoneechee Neck, Bertie County, North Carolina, USA. Richard Turbeville (c1670–1725) Born before 1677. Died after 1726. Anne Rogers (c1677-c1726‐ ) Born in 1697 in Charles City County, Virginia, USA. Died between 1736 and 1744 in Williamsburg, Craven County, South Carolina, USA. William Turbeville (1697-c1736) Margaret Unknown (?–) Born in 1743. Died in May, 1782 in Loricks ferry, South Carolina, USA. Absalom Turbeville (1743–1782) Born in 1746. Died in 1802. Lucy W. Wyndham (1746–1802) Born in 1770 in South Carolina, USA. Solomon Turbeville (1770–) Molcy M. Johnson (?–) Born in 1815 in Marion. Died in 1855. Joseph Turbeville (1815–1855) Born in about 1831 in South Carolina. Eliza Caribo (c1831–) Born in April, 1850 in Marion, South Carolina, USA. Died between 1900 and 1910 in probably Marlboro County, SC. Thereas A Turbeville (1850-c1900) Born in 1849 in South Carolina, United States. Died before 1900 in Marion County, South Carolina. William H. Sawyer (1849-c1900) Born on Thursday March 16, 1871 in Marion County, South Carolina, United States of America. Died on Friday February 1, 1963 in Dillon County, South Carolina, United States of America. Julia Sawyer (1871–1963) Born on Saturday December 1, 1877 in Mullins, SC. Died in 1944 in South Carolina, USA. Daniel P. Hicks (1877–1944) Born on Saturday December 3, 1898 in Fork, SC. Died on Thursday December 22, 1949 in Fayetteville, NC. Talmage W. Hicks (1898–1949) Born on Wednesday June 8, 1898 in Marion County, South Carolina, United States of America. Died on Saturday March 4, 1972 in Florence, Florence County, South Carolina, United States of America. Dora Calder (1898–1972) Born on Sunday May 1, 1921 in Fork Dillon, South Carolina. Died on Friday November 23, 2001 in Columbia, Richland Co., SC. Geneva M. Hicks (1921-2001) Born on Thursday March 28, 1912 in Milesburg, Centre, Pennsylvania, United States. Died on Tuesday February 19, 1985 in Miami, Dade Co., FL. Donald S. Campbell (1912–1985) Born on Tuesday November 25, 1958 in Miami, Dade Co., FL. Bruce L. Campbell (1958–)

Who knows where this will lead?  Which ancestor are you looking for?


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