03 January 2021

To Cast or Not To Cast?

Right up front I will tell you I have no plans of doing a podcast.  I can’t imagine anyone wanting to sit and listen to me ramble incoherently for any length of time.  I mean if that’s something that you enjoy, may I recommend listening to any political press conference.  And if you’re really masochistic about it, there’s a certain elected person that has to be some kind of idiot-savant in this area.  I’m not naming names here…

And here’s the thing.  I am not a fan of podcasts or audio books.  I just can’t sit and listen to people talk no matter the subject matter.  My mind drifts to easily.  All I would need is a video of the speaker or speakers.  Doesn’t matter if it’s a “zoom” type of broadcast, or some professional thing with a soundtrack and credits rolling at the end.  Just something for me to focus on please.

I know lots of folks that love podcasts and audio books.  Seems some folks even listen to “Books on Tape” while driving.  I would nod off before the first page was finished.  Lord forbid it was a long-distance trip.  Major carnage would ensure.

In the meantime, I’m down a rabbit hole following a completely unsourced tree that has one of the lines on my mother’s side.  While this tree has some good leads on a few generations father back, it gets rather out of hand and claims descent from the Royal Stuart line of Scotland.  James II to be honest.

I’ve posted before about how many Americans seem to covet a royal ancestor.  Now I’m not saying that I would be upset to find a “royal” in my heritage.  Quite the opposite.  I’ve already determined that my Campbell line is not descended from the Duke’s line.   It’s not causing me to lose any sleep.  

I have not checked to see if my DNA, either Y-DNA or atDNA, can be matched with of the markers for the Stuarts or not.  I doubt that I will match in anyway.  I should mention that this so called connection is via an illegitimate child.  So no, I won’t be starting another Jacobite uprising.  Besides, I’m not Catholic.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it yet again.  Do not trust any genealogy data on the web that is not backed up with good documentation.  This rabbit hole I’m in is a prime example.  I knew from the beginning that the “connection” to James II would not be valid.  Before I go into detail on the errors of this tree, a little background as to why I even went down this rabbit warren.

In this post (and it’s follow up), I mentioned how I had to work through lots of errors, committed by myself and many others, in correcting a family for my great grandmother, Julia “Jewel” Sawyer.  Long story short, I corrected her mother’s line from Turbeville to Dozier.  This whole story comes from that unsourced tree I found has what appears to be that Dozier and her husband’s family, Flowers, back a few more generations.  So I was hoping only to find those few generations back on those two names only.  I will mention that the reason this tree is unsourced is it is on FamilyTreeDNA.  The trees on that site do not have the usual documentation available.  No census records, birth, marriage, or death certificates.  All it is for is to let you match your DNA with other folks so you can contact them to share records and hints.  So the tree owner is not to be faulted for not having documentation. 

Once I looked at the next generations for the Flowers and Dozier lines, and added them to my tree – marked as “UNVERIFIED”, I kept going down the various branches.  And that’s where the “gotcha” hit.

My 4th great grandmother is Martha Flowers.  I had that in my tree before this started.  But I didn’t have her parents.  According to this tree, her parents were Henry Burwell Flowers, Jr. and Rachel Stuart.  I have now found documents that give me a good probability of this being the correct parents.  So far, so good.

Rachel’s parents would be David Stuart and Elizabeth McQueen.  Nothing odd there.  David’s parents, David Stuart and Jane Gibbons, and Elizabeth’s were John McQueen and Janet Stewart.  Still nothing really odd.  Yes, both have a common name in their parentage, but they are spelled differently.  I did think that maybe there was some endogamy going on.  Endogamy is the custom of marrying only within the limits of a locality, community, tribe, or clan.  This is during the period of the American colonies, so the courting/marrying pool would be less than back in home in the kingdom.  Still not worried.

But let’s skip back a few generations.  All the way back to what would be my 12th great grandfather (if I believed this tree).  He would be Esme Stewart, 1st Duke of Lennox, 6th Lord of Aubigny, and his wife Katherine de Balsac.  Lord Darnley was a 1st cousin to Henry Stuart, Lord Darnley, the second husband of Mary, Queen of Scots, and was a 1st cousin, once removed (1C1R) of King James VI.

Lord and Lady Stewart had five children but we are interested in just two of the three daughters.  Lady Henrietta Stewart married George Gordon, 1st Marquess of Huntly.  Lady Mary Stewart married John Erskine, Earl of Mar.  This is all very documented in countless books. 

Now it gets interesting.  Go down 4 generations from Lady Henrietta, her 2nd great grandson is Charles Stuart, 6th Earl of Moray.  Go down 3 generations from Lady Mary and you get her great granddaughter Lucy Erskine. 

I’m sure you see this coming, but Charles and Lucy married.  Of course they did.  If I did the generational math correctly (no guarantee) Lady Lucy would be Lord Charles 2nd great aunt.  Honestly, I’m not in the least bit sure what their relationship was.  Someone give me an answer in the comments, please?

Here’s the basic tree.  Maybe looking at it will make it a tiny bit more understandable.


SVG Family Tree TreeDarnley

Generated by Parallax View's SVG Family-Tree Generator V5.3.3. See https://parallax-viewpoint.blogspot.com/2018/09/svg-family-tree-generator-v50.html Born in 1958. Bruce L. Campbell (1958–) Born in 1912. Died in 1985. Donald S. Campbell (1912–1985) Born in 1921. Died in 2001. Geneva M. Hicks (1921-2001) Born in 1898. Died in 1949. Talmadge W. Hicks (1898–1949) Born in 1898. Died in 1972. Dora Calder (1898–1972) Born in 1877. Died in 1944. Daniel P Hicks (1877–1944) Born in 1871 in South Carolina. Died in 1963 in South Carolina. Julia V Sawyer (1871–1963) Born in 1827. Died in 1910. Thomas Sawyer (1827–1910) Born in 1836. Elizabeth C. Dozier (1836–) Henry F. Dozier (?–) Sarah J. Rowell (?–) James T. Dozier (?–) Martha Flowers (?–) Born in 1748 in Marion, South Carolina, USA. Died on Wednesday November 5, 1806 in Marion, South Carolina, USA. Henry B. F. Jr (1748–1806) Born in 1755 in Craven, North Carolina, USA. Died on Tuesday October 30, 1827 in Marion, South Carolina, USA. Rachel Stuart (1755–1827) Born in 1733 in Virginia Colony. Died in 1789 in Marlborough, South Carolina, USA. David Stuart (1733–1789) Born in 1736 in Society Hill, Darlington, South Carolina, USA. Died in 1791 in Richmond, North Carolina, USA. Elizabeth McQueen (1736–1791) Died on Friday January 31, 1749 in Virginia Colony. David I Stuart (?–1749) Born in 1699 in Abdie Church, Fife, Scotland. Died on Saturday January 24, 1750 in St Pauls, Stafford, Virginia. Jane Gibbons (1699–1750) Born in 1656 in Darnaway Castle, Dyke, Moray, Scotland. Died in 1730 in Scotland. Charles Stuart (1656–1730) Born in 1650 in Scotland. Lucy Erskine (1650–) Born in 1634 in Darnaway Castle, Dyke, Moray, Scotland. Died on Tuesday November 1, 1701 in Donibristle, Fife, Scotland. Alexander Stuart (1634–1701) Born in 1626 in Pitcullo Castle, Cupar, Fife, Scotland. Died on Sunday January 17, 1683 in Darnaway Castle, Dyke, Moray, Scotland. Amelia Balfour (1626–1683) Born on Tuesday April 6, 1627 in Broughton, Midlothian, Scotland. Died in 1671 in Scotland. David Erskine (1627–1671) Unknown (?–) Born in 1608 in Dyke, Moray, Scotland. James Stuart (1608–) Born on Thursday June 28, 1607 in Exton, Rutland, England. Died on Saturday May 1, 1683 in Scotland. Margaret Home (1607–1683) Born on Monday September 26, 1605 in Stirling, Stirlingshire, Scotland. Died on Saturday April 1, 1628 in Stirling, Stirlingshire, Scotland. Henry Erskine (1605–1628) Born on Monday April 1, 1602 in Broughton, Dorset, England. Died on Sunday January 1, 1640 in Scotland. Margaret Bellenden (1602–1640) Born in 1581. Died in (Date?). James Stewart (1581-Date?) Born in 1610. Died in 1674. Anne Gordon (1610–1674) Born in 1563 in Huntly Castle, Aberdeenshire, Scotland. Died on Friday June 13, 1636 in Dundee, Angus, Scotland. George Gordon (1563–1636) Born on Saturday April 7, 1573 in Aubigny-sur-Nere, Cher, Centre, France. Died on Saturday August 2, 1642 in Lyons, Rhône, Rhône-Alpes, France. Henriette Stewart (1573–1642) Born in 1558 in Stirling, Stirlingshire, Scotland. Died on Thursday December 14, 1634 in Stirling, Stirlingshire, Scotland. John L. C. Erskine (1558–1634) Born on Wednesday April 7, 1576 in Aubigny, Cher, Centre, France. Died on Wednesday May 11, 1644 in Strathblane, Stirlingshire, Scotland. Mary Stuart (1576–1644) Born on Wednesday April 1, 1542 in Lennox Castle, Midlothian, Scotland. Died on Thursday May 26, 1583 in Ville, Paris, Ile-de-France, France. Esme S. of Darnley (1542–1583) Born in 1547 in Entrages, Alpes-de-Haute-Provence, Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur, France. Died in 1631 in Paris, Île-de-France, France. Katherine De Balsac (1547–1631)

Now, if you don’t mind, I’m going to pour me a double…


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P.S. Wasn’t I talking about podcasts?  What happened to that??

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